Zombies and Product Placement

I recently saw Zombieland for the first time and as I viewed the movie I noticed a large amount of product placement. The following site shows stillframes of scenes in Zombieland where product placement is relevant. The movie has many different examples of product placement from Cadillac, GMC, Blowpops, Aquafina, Fed-ex, and Pepsi. These examples are minor compared to the two major products constantly advertised throughout the movie, Hostess Twinkees and Mountain Dew Code Red.

Throughout the movie the main character “Columbus”, after the city he lived in before the zombie epidemic hit always has a code red mountain dew to drink. In the begginning of the movie Columbus is trying to make a move on his beautiful neighbor and the first thing he offers her is a code red mountain dew our of a fridge fully stocked with them. The second product is even more prevelant in the film and the other main character “Tallahassee” throughout the movie has one main goal and that is to find any surviving twinkees as they are his favorite snack food. Entire scenes of the movie are dedicated to finding a twinkee. In one scene they find a crashed Hostess truck and raid it for twinkees only to be disappointed by finding snowballs instead. Another memorable scene of the movie involves Columbus and Tallahassee going into a grocery store infested with zombies just to find a twinkee for Tallahassee. With such large memorable scenes based around a product it is hard not to remember the next time you are at the grocery store to grab a box of twinkees.

The plot of the movie is that there is a zombie epidemic and nearly everyone in America is dead except for a few people. Our main characters travel to find a safe zombie free place fighting off zombies along the way and taking every opportunity possible to find a twinkee. They search for a safe haven in an amusement park as well as Bill Murrary’s house. Overall this is a good movie with very effective product placement. Not only are products subtly thrown into this film but they drive the plot of the movie and what the characters will do next. It is one of the only films I have seen where almost the entire movie is based on a particular procuct, the twinkee.

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